Bar serves fresh take on burgers

The SoCo restaurant scene has a new addition in the form of a fun, natural burger bar called Hopdoddy.

The new eatery opened Oct. 13, and it’s already begun to make a name for itself. Located where Cissi’s Market was once housed, the burger bar is making its mark in Austin by providing fresh takes on burgers and the way they are prepared.

Hopdoddy got its name from its two specialties: beer and burgers. The “hop” part is pretty simple: it comes from the hops used to make the burger bar’s handcrafted beers. “Doddy” refers to the nickname of the native cow in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In an airy, exposed brick dining room, high booths and tables dot the floor, while a bar sits at the center.

Guests form a line to order food and drinks, which are later brought out to their tables. This process can be confusing, though. Waiters say that they’ll provide service, yet patrons still have to wait in line and order at the register. This is a kink that can be worked out over time.

Hopdoddy’s specialty is burgers, obviously. For around $6, you can get a “Magic Shroom” burger, which contains goat cheese and field mushrooms.

All of Hopdoddy’s food is freshly made, and their ingredients are locally grown. In addition, all sodas are made with natural cane sugar, with flavors ranging from orange to Dr. Pepper.

Prices are highly reasonable, especially for the quality of ingredients. Some burgers are even cheaper than the price of a milkshake. However, if you want a large order of fries, it’ll cost around $4 extra–but it’s well worth it.

The menu offers little other than burgers, but there are a couple of salads for the diet-conscious crowd. A veggie burger with a hemp seed patty called “The Janis Joplin” is also available.

The restaurant automaticaly serves up a very pink burger, so if you enjoy your burger well done, be sure to specify.

Hopdoddy is sure to be prosperous and hip in its endeavors, and is Austin’s newest and freshest place for a homegrown burger.