Hilltop Views Q&A with Givers

Right after a sound check before their St. Edward’s University concert, Givers took a break to answer a few questions.

Q: How did you meet? How did Givers come together?

A: We went to the same high schools or colleges. We would play in different bands around Lafayette, mostly jam bands and improv. There was a lot of cross-pollination going on, so we decided to form our own band.

Q: How much influence from your hometowns goes into your music?

A: A lot of our hometowns go into our music. West African and French music influence has been ingrained in us since a young age and that goes into our music.

Q: Talk about your instruments you play and the sounds you use in your songs.

A: It’s pretty awesome. If we all played everything we can play, it would be 12 times as ridiculous on stage. We dive into different colors by playing different instruments and we have lots of variation.

Q: Who are some bigger bands you like and who do you think is up and coming?

A: We really enjoy the Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective as bigger bands. Caddywhompus from New Orleans are definitely a band to watch; they’re awesome. We really like the Lost Bayou Ramblers; they’re a traditional Cajun band.

Q: You played at SXSW in 2010. What are you expecting for 2011?

A: It’s a big hole of big fun.

Q: What would happen when everything would just be too much on your most recent tour?

A: Sleep deprivation was a huge factor on the tour. We didn’t have too many breaks, and there was malnutrition. We would break away from the city when we stopped in Ashville, N.C. We would take hikes and just be in nature. Meeting people at shows keeps you afloat, and it’s good to later reconnect with those same people. It makes you feel at home when you go to towns that already know you.

Givers is Taylor Guarisco, Tif Lamson, Josh Leblanc, William Henderson and Kirby Campbell.