Review: Lyle Lovett

Lovett has done it again. He’s pulled another great album out of that ten-gallon hat of his.

His newest installment, “Natural Forces,” will please and surprise both avid Lovett lovers as well as newer fans.

Right off the bat, the title track reminds fans why they love Lovett. The song highlights all his powerful vocals, great storytelling and pure emotional lyrics.

“Natural Forces” pays homage to all walks of Texas life, from ranchers to truckers to the Native American culture and even the ongoing war.

The next song, “Farmer Brown/Chicken Reel,” is a shift in sound, similar to that of his last album, “It’s Not Big It’s Large.” With its jazzy roots, blues guitar and standup bass, this fun song will have listeners tapping their feet or dancing.

The humorous third track “Pantry” is another upbeat song that will evoke a smile from listeners.

With the clever lyrics (“Don’t cheat on me with biscuits with jelly sweet and blue/ Keep it in that place where/ you know you will be true/ Keep it in your pantry”) and a bluesy, bluegrass feel, “Pantry” is a great addition to Lovett’s new album.

“Natural Forces” takes a somber turn in style for the next few songs, starting with “Empty Blue Shoes” and continuing on until “Rock and Roll.”

These seven songs really pay tribute to Lyle Lovett as a songwriter and a singer, as his powerful, emotional voice blends perfectly with the lyrics. Album after album, Lyle never lets fans down, and “Natural Forces” is no exception.