Spring is in Swing, Midterms Are Too: 7 tips for surviving midsemester blues

Midterms are coming and everyone is hitting the books to get the grade that could make or break their semester. While everyone is focused on memorizing formulas and vocab terms, they neglect one of the most important parts of midterms: self-care.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when surviving midterms:

1)  Naptime!

This is one of the most basic tips, but students beat information into their heads all day and without rest. Giving your poor brain a break can do wonders. Taking a good nap can boost memory and creativity, which is an advantage during late night study sessions.

2) Relaaaaaax

Breaks are crucial, but make sure to limit them otherwise nothing will get done. Take a few minutes to eat some snacks, talk to friends, watch a YouTube video here and there or take a nap.

3) Calendars, planners and phones, oh my!

Create a schedule for the whole week to finish projects and create study times. Stick to your preference, whether it’s Google calendars, planners or your cell phone. Planning will also reduce chances of missing deadlines and it keeps you accountable for setting aside time to actually study.

4) Cry and cope healthily  

Sometimes you have to just cry, and I promise that you’ll feel better. During midterms and finals, students don’t know how to deal with emotions that come with stress. Just let it out; take deep breaths, calm yourself and pick yourself back up.

If you release stress in other ways, here are additional ways to cope: exercise, talk to your family and friends, engage with one of your hobbies, take a nap (can’t get enough of those naps) and surround yourself with positivity.

5) Whatever you do…. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Procrastination is the easy downfall of many students. You’ve probably heard yourself say:  “I’ll do it tomorrow.” or “One more hour, and then I’ll study.” Don’t be one of those people who are struggling and pulling all-nighters with crappy energy drinks to finish up on last-minute studying.

Play it safe and try not to procrastinate. Save yourself from the stress.

6) Create a distraction-free zone

How can you study with noisy neighbors? How do you get work done when you’re surrounded by gossipy and catty friends? Easy answer: you can’t.

It is important to find a good study location with minimal noise level and distractions. Rent a room at the library, study in a quiet room like a computer lab, a study lounge or even in Holy Cross Hall. Find that place that most people stay away from and make it your distraction-free zone.

7) Self care, self care, self care

If you been studying for hours without break and you feel yourself drifting off, sleep. If you feel your stomach rumbling, eat. Whatever you do during study sessions, don’t forget to take care of yourself. The body and mind must both be healthy. Be nice to yourself and take a break every once a while.

May the odds be ever in your favor.