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Young Metro don’t trust you, but we trust in him

Isis Debrock / Hilltop Views
Metro Boomin and Future give us the collab we have been waiting for. Pure trap and amazing beats, there is no denying that even if Metro doesn’t trust you, we can still trust him to produce hit after hit.

Record producer Metro Boomin and rapper Future have collaborated for Metro’s tenth album “WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” which dropped on March 22. This is easily one of the best albums Metro has produced in the last five years, which includes “HEROES & VILLAINS,” the phenomenal album he dropped in 2022. 

This album features some of the best in the game, including The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross. In this review, I will be diving into my top five favorite songs on the album and giving a rundown of some of the lyrics. 

  1. Slimed In 

Slimed In” is the seventh track on the album, and with the eerie production we get from Metro and Future’s laid back, head-bopping flow, it’s hard not to put this one on the list. It’s a song about the street lifestyle. With lyrics like “Go against the laws, a thousand percent” and “I don’t care nothin’ ’bout this superstardom shit, you know,” we get that Future and Thug still connect with their roots. However, we get a few bars here and there that hint that Future still has a love for the rap game and the money and fame with lyrics like “All your hoes gettin’ slimed out / The AP store, we buy ’em out.” Overall, the track has great production, flow, and is such a head-bopper.

  1. We Don’t Trust You

We Don’t Trust You” is the first track on the album, and it is one hell of an opener. This track gives a special shoutout to Metro’s iconic producer tag, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you,” which is voiced by Future himself. The title track pays homage to this tagline, with face-scrunchingly hard lyrics and a beat that makes you want to sway your body from left to right. The lyrics definitely let you know that neither Metro nor Future trust anybody, saying “Fake written all over you / Hate written all over you.” In Future’s second verse, there is also a diss that is supposedly toward Drake. Rumor has it that they have been feuding over a girl, and Future decided to go ahead and say “You a n– number one fan, dog / Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog / Pillowtalkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog / I don’t need another fake friend, dog / Can’t be ’bout a ho, ’cause we sharin’, dog / In you feelings, n–, why you playin’, dog?” This song also samples a song called “Smiling Faces Sometimes” by a group called The Undisputed Truth and some lines from movies where people say that trusting someone is a bad thing, such as N.W.A.’s biopic “Straight Outta Compton” and 2Pac’s movie “Bullet.” All-around, the track is a fantastic opener for an album and even tickles some feathers, making the listener want to dive into the rest of the project. 

  1. Young Metro

Young Metro” is the second track in the album and features The Weeknd, who doesn’t say a lot, but does add a next-level melodic feel to the song. Similarly to “We Don’t Trust You,” the title of the song pays homage to Metro’s other producer tag “Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro,” which is also voiced by Future. With the use of heavy bass and drums, the song is easily top three on the album, and with lyrics that are just classic Future, it’s hard not to vibe with it. The song’s subject is mostly about girls, drugs, money and fame. The Weeknd repeats on the bridge that he is drowning and he is trying, with the occasional “Oh woah” and lyrics from Future such as “Grip the forty while I’m sleep in my hand / Drink the dope and I get cool as a fan” and “I ain’t never sober, I got pills and I’m sharin.’” This is the type of music Future fans love, and he never fails to let us down when he sticks to what he is best at: dirty trap music. 

  1. Like That 

Like That” is just one big diss track to Drake and is arguably one of the best songs on the album. It is the sixth song on the album and features Kendrick Lamar. This song samples Eazy-E’s “Eazy-Duz It” and “Everlasting Bass” by Rodney O and Joe Cooley. It mainly consists of Future and Lamar letting the listener know how they really feel. Kendrick’s verse is the standout moment of this song and throws some shade toward other rappers, including Drake, with lyrics like “These n– talkin’ out of they necks / Don’t pull no coffin out of your mouth, I’m way too paranoid for a threat” and “Fuck sneak dissin’, first-person shooter / I hope they came with three switches.” There’s even a lyric that states that Kendrick thinks he is THE best in the game by saying “Motherfuck the big three, n–, it’s just big me.” The beat of this song hits hard, with little bells and some piano in there, as well as a synth-esque rhythm throughout. The beat literally had its own little verse at the end; it was so good.

  1. Type Shit

At number one we have the song “Type Shit,” and, honestly, I was torn between putting “Like That” at number one, but I think this song takes the cake, because this is just such a hype track with great features and production. The two features are Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, making it almost guaranteed banger. The song starts off with Future rapping about classic Future things with lyrics like “a silent hitter, I just keep it cool with you bitches / A solid n–, countin’ dog food type shit” and “she’s ready to suck it up like soup type shit / You goin’ against the guys and you gon’ lose type shit / Pray to God they knock you out your shoes type shit.” 

The constant use of “type shit” at the end of each bar may seem repetitive to some, but it really adds another level of flow to the song. Then listeners get Travis coming in with a beat switch while he raps in his classic melodic style, similar to the way we have heard him in songs like “STOP TRYING TO BE GOD” and “coordinate.” It feels like Travis takes us up into the clouds for a second and then we come straight back down to earth with Carti’s verse. Carti’s verse is one of the best verses on this album. It is so fun to hear Carti rap in this deep voice he has been doing recently rather than the baby voice audiences are used to hearing from him. He raps about fashion, girls and drugs, giving lyrics like “she grippin’ all on my balls, I gotta move type shit / Diamonds, they cover my flaws, I’m actin’ brand new type shit” and “put the ho down with the gang, now she think she my manager type shit / Shawty thought she was the one, I will forever have a boss bitch.” Overall, this was the best song on the album, and I highly recommend this song if you want to get a feel for what this album has to offer. 

Metro Boomin is a king when it comes to being a producer for the rap game, and this album once again proves his worth to the culture. Put your trust in Metro, even though he may not trust you. I give this album a four out of five Goats!

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  • C

    ChristianApr 16, 2024 at 7:02 pm

    Very well articulated article

  • A

    allieApr 16, 2024 at 5:09 pm

    This review is awesome!! What a great album, I love how you related Travis’s verse in “Type Shit” to other songs that he had done in the past. Travis has a special way of making you feel euphoric, and he always has done that, and I just love how Metro incorporated that into this album because we all know that’s what Travis does best.