Deep Breath Hilltoppers: Austinites herded by promise of goats, yoga

Goat yoga is a way for the Austinites to relax and meditate while surrounded by cute animals.

Goat yoga is a way for the Austinites to relax and meditate while surrounded by cute animals.

GOGA. GO what? GOGA, Goat Yoga! A new yoga trend has recently surfaced that allows participants to do yoga with various types of animals roaming around. First it was cats now it is all about goats!

Approaching the top of the parking garage, where they hold the classes, you can hear the goats bleating. Owners, Rachel Phillips and Trey Kitchen, forewarned participants as they signed in that it would be this group of goat’s first day on the job, meaning that they might not be as interactive as seen on social media. It was encouraged to interact with the goats as much as possible to socialize them.

Right before the class, the goats were all in a pin together resting from the previous class. Once the class started and all of the gates were closed, they started to bring out the goats. With the goats came a wave of bleating from the animals, which frequently happened throughout the session. Once they were all out, the caretakers began to place the goats on people and herded them towards participants.

The yoga instructor informed the class that she was okay with not fully participating to engage with the goats; so if you are not a yogi, these classes will be fine for you to take. Most of the participants stopped what they were doing to take selfies with the goats or to take pictures for their friends. After photos were taken, the goats would either immediately run away or stop and take a nap on a yoga mat.

The class consisted of multiple placings of the goats on the participants and herding since the goats were shy and just wanted to clump together in a corner. Be warned that these animals are still animals and they still have to go when they need to go. There were two accidents during the class, one was while the goat was on someone in the table top position and the other when the goat was standing on someone’s yoga mat. The employees quickly rushed to clean everything up and apologized for the accident.

Overall, GOGA offers a great experience to those who love the idea of doing yoga with animals, specifically adorable baby goats. To get the best experience possible with quality social media photos, it is recommended going with a friend so they can capture all the goat moments that happen during the class.

For more information on checking out this new yoga trend head to their Facebook page GOGA Goat Yoga @GOGAGoatYoga for a list of classes.