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Interfaith group expanding to welcome all faith groups

Andrea Guzman

October 17, 2016

The Interfaith Leadership Council (ILC) is revamping efforts to engage the estimated 50 faith groups on campus.With hopes to expand more in the upcoming semesters, this council plans on creating more branches and collaborating w...

Businesses have right to deny customers on religious grounds


February 23, 2015

Participating in homosexual activity is a sin against God, according to many Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious people.This belief among some Americans has led to conflict in courts, schools, places of worship and even i...

Students worship through religious service held on campus


September 27, 2013

On Monday evening, 14 people joined in Taizé, a service of meditation held on campus at St Joseph’s Hall. This form of prayer originated in the midst of worldwide conflict during the twentieth century. Its French founders sou...

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