ACL Dos and Don’ts


Texas heat’s true colors showed during weekend one with temperatures in the mid-90s

Headed to Austin City Limits Weekend 2? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for your three days at the beloved music fest.


  1. Wear comfortable shoes: I can’t tell you how many times I saw ACL attendees wearing sandals and heeled shoes. While fashionable, it’s best to leave them at home unless you want your feet to be exceptionally sore after over 10 hours of running across Zilker to jump back between seeing Chance the Rapper at the Honda stage and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the American Express stage. Not to mention, your $50 sandals will get muddy. So, do yourself a favor and opt for some Converse or tennis shoes. Your feet will thank you later.

  2. Bring a backpack: You’re permitted to bring a bag under 18 liters– take advantage of this. You’ll want a place to keep your blankets, water bottles, portable chargers, wallet and hat. If you’re not set on having a backpack slung over your shoulders all weekend, you can always keep it in one of locker rentals.

  3. Bring a water bottle: Just because we’re in October doesn’t mean it feels like Fall outside– we are in Texas after all. Bring a water bottle. ACL permits bottles under 32oz, so make sure to bring your favorite Camelbak to constantly refill at the handy hydration stations located all throughout Zilker. You’re doing a lot of moving and sweating, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated.

  4. Download the ACL Music Festival Official App: This app is a lifesaver, seriously. It gives users the ability to make their own list of artists they wish to see to refer back to with times and locations instead of having to peruse through the lineup list. Map information is also provided with stage, restroom, food and hydration station locations. The list of FAQs are also readily available for any questions that may arise.


  1. Don’t bring obnoxious low-hanging signs/flags/branches: Branches, you may ask? Yep, this goes out to the guy who brought a leafy branch to the Solange show that annoyingly blocked the view of many attendees. I know it’s fun to bring signs of your face and memes, but make sure it goes up pretty high so that it doesn’t impinge on everyone’s concert experience. If you’re putting in the work to carry a sign all three days, make sure it’s high.

  2. Don’t place your blanket set up close to the stage: If you’re going to lay your blanket and picnic down to watch a show, push it toward the back. If you’re wanting to do this at the JAY-Z or Killers show, you will get your blanket stepped on by muddy shoes.

  3. Don’t barrel into others during the shows: Look, I know we all want to get as close to Chance the Rapper as possible, but there’s a way to push through the crowd that doesn’t involve actually shoving and bulldozing. Be firm, but not aggressive when you’re pushing through.

  4. DON’T LITTER: It sounds like a very Austin thing to say, but I implore you to not be the person that adds to hundreds on hundreds of smashed cans on the Zilker green grass. There are places to recycle all over the fest, take advantage, and as promoted “Keep Zilker Beautiful.”