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‘Roseanne’ faces backlash after comments about ‘Fresh off the Boat’, ‘black-ish’

Collin Mims

April 16, 2018

There was a time where “Roseanne” was a progressive show that realistically portrayed working class Americans, had fat characters that weren’t the target of gross humor and included gay and lesbian characters in a time ...

Fans need to jump on Houston’s bandwagon now, while they can

Brandon Paz

April 2, 2018

Because of recent events, Philadelphia is on everyone’s mind as being one of, if the not the premier sports city in the country. The Eagles’ Super Bowl victory over the Patriots, combined with Joel Embiid’s fourth-seeded 76ers ...

‘The Punisher’ provides messy insight into gun violence discussion


November 27, 2017

Marvel fans received their first taste of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher during the first trailer for Netflix’s second season of “Daredevil” last year. Fans of the comics caught on to the character’s introduction rather quickly,...

‘Lady Bird’ kicks off Austin Film Festival with growing pains, bone sprains


October 28, 2017

Growing up and getting older is marked by various amounts of pain. Heartbreak, the end of friendships, and a loss of interest are just a few of the many hardships that litter the teenage years. From a memorable intro of tears ...

Texas heat's true colors showed during weekend one with temperatures in the mid-90s

ACL Dos and Don’ts

October 12, 2017

Rick and Morty


April 3, 2017

April brings a lot of things, sometimes it’s May flowers other times it’s practical jokes. April is an inbetween month, bridging spring and summer and old with new. Either way, April is a month of new beginnings, new laughs a...

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