Jack-of-all-trades musician shines outside Austin City Limits headliners


The one-band-band does it all: from album art to stage lighting

Austin City Limits’ greatest gems extend beyond the hype behind its headliners. JAY-Z, Chance the Rapper, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers and others undeniably pack the heat for ACL-goers; however, songwriter, one-man-band and multimedia artist, Mobley, represents the talent and ingenuity of local music.

After his 11:30 a.m. show on Saturday, Oct. 7, the Austin-based artist embodied the one-man-band role by writing, performing and producing his music. Mobley also designs the artwork as well as directing his music videos and producing his live multimedia shows.

The 2015 single “Swoon” sits as Mobley’s most popular track to date with over 1.3 million listens on Spotify. Mobley cites the track as his greatest musical accomplishment so far.

The Austin Chronicle recently featured Mobley on the front over of its Oct. 6 issue, which came as a surprise to the post-genre pop artist when he woke up to a flood of text messages about the cover. 

While grateful for the feature, Mobley can’t help but remain averse to seeing his face in the spotlight.

“I hate taking pictures,” Mobley said. “I hate seeing pictures of myself, so that hasn’t been that cool.”

Mobley’s drive for creating music stems back to the end of high school after hearing Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 song “The Middle.” At the time, he asked his parents to get him a set of drums for Christmas, but after hearing the guitar solo in “The Middle,” he altered his Christmas wish to a guitar.

“At the last minute I asked them for a guitar and I started writing songs that year,” Mobley said.

In the Live Music Capital of the World, Mobley expressed that a tough industry and the all-too-common exploitation makes it increasingly difficult for new artists to succeed without losing their novelty.   

“Remember your worth,” Mobley said when offering advice to aspiring musicians. “Remember that what you’re doing is valuable.”

When asked on what part of his musical journey he would change, Mobley initially hesitated to respond.

“That’s dangerous,” Mobley said with trepidation. “It’s a house of cards potentially, you pull one card out and everything changes.”

However, Mobley went on to answer that his changes do not differ from any other artists when saying “I’d wanna get to the things I know now quicker, I’d want to come out of the gate as ready as I am now without having to deal with all the disappointments and failures that it takes to get there.”

Mobley’s struggles have proved the opposite of derailing as he prepares for the imminent release of two new records, including a debut full-length album, “Fresh Lies,” in 2018.

Throughout the highs and lows, Mobley fearlessly bares who he is to his fans through his music. When asked on what his fans should know about him, Mobley simply referred back to what’s spoken from his artistic content.

“I kinda feel like I’m just the messenger, I don’t think most people know much about their mailman,” Mobley said. “www.mobleywho.com is all you need to know about me.”