If you have a tragic flashback when you stayed at home and binge watched anime in high school, this may bring some (hopefully) pleasant memories back to you. The series starts out with a cute slice of life drama. By the end of the first episode, however, murder and mayhem slap you in the face.

There are some striking character development for each girl. Yoo Jin-Myung, is a hardworking student with two part-time jobs that communicates solely through passive aggressive notes. Her family is less fortunate and Jin-Myung spends the majority of the series shut off emotionally. She believes that it allows her to be strong. She doesn’t seek anything to satisfy herself other than her grades and making enough to pay her bills. I found myself connecting with this character the most.

Jung Ye-Eun, is an egomaniacal girl who worships her good for nothing boyfriend. Ye-Eun consistently makes the bad mistakes Harley Quinn is known for, going back to a man that disrespects her and belittles her. It is clear that her boyfriend doesn’t love her, but Ye-Eun puts herself on a strained sense of perfection from having a relationship. Ye-Eun adores makeup, anything pink and gossip. She is the bratty girl that goes through steady positive character development as the series goes on.

Kang Yi-Na, is a mysterious and sexy call girl who lives life the easy way. Yi-Na is the only girl in the apartment that doesn’t attend university. After almost dying at a young age, Yi-Na doesn’t think the future matters. If you can die tomorrow, why not live to the most you can today? She sells herself out to different guys as their fake girlfriend. In exchange, they hand her a platinum credit card with little to no restrictions. Yi-Na lives on an easy life until an old man comes into the picture. He’s visibly poor, but poses curiosity.

Song Ji-Won, is a nosy student journalist with the foulest mouth anyone has came to know. Ji-Won is the only character in the series that does not have a romantic interest. She is infamously the single character of the show, bashing against herself on the matter and making it a running joke. She’s loud and fills the room with personality. Her favorite beverage is beer. The one flaw she does have is a habit of lying. She tries to create excitement in her life by spreading lies. The largest one in the series is the idea that she can see ghosts.

Yoo Eun-Jae, our stunning protagonist is as cute as she is shy. If a golden retriever was a person, this would be Eun-Jae. She is a country girl that moved to the city for her first year in university. She seems to be average at everything. She doesn’t go out of her way to make friends. Her roommates are her only companions in the series. She does have one main romantic interest, but only seems to like the boy because he has an interest in her. When an insurance investigator knocks on their door, Eun-Jae finds out that they are reopening the case on both her dead father and brother. They believe that her mother is committing insurance fraud. The cruel secret is that Eun-Jae believes that she killed her father by switching out a canteen that was meant for her mother. She had an inkling that her father was poisoning the family for insurance money, but there was little to no proof in the matter. She tries to fight her worry by solely focusing on her friends and hiding the secret from everyone.

All of these women hold a dark secret that is revealed in character focused episodes similar to “Skins UK.” You grow with these characters as they stumble through their first taste of adulthood. It focuses on girl relationships and how important they are. Though there is romance involved in the series, the show doesn’t take the focus off of the girls. Friendship is key to character growth in the series.

“Hello To My Twenties” offers a refreshing taste to the idea that South Korean dramas only offer romantic comedies. The series goes through slice of life, university based, romance, thriller and a dash of comedy. With well-written episodes, you are attached to the heel for twelve episodes. I had my doubts about watching a k-drama, but this series has politely changed my mind.

A second season has been announced, but it is still in the planning stages. Some are unsure if the entire cast can return.