Buress appears at local pop-up show

With many shows happening during SXSW getting to see Hannibal Buress DJ at Bat Bar has to have been one of my favorite experiences during this week long event.

Though this event was a pop up show that I found through the Twitter account @atxconcert, many people gathered to see this multi-talented artist that did not fail to deliver a great performance. Though the set was a variety of music and some stage dancing, the part that really stood out for me during this event was getting to meet the great Hannibal Buress.

How exactly did that happen? Well at the beginning of the show, the fire marshal showed up to point out that the venue was at maximum capacity. With his instructions, the venue was obligated to open up the top portion of their building to decrease compaction on the first floor. But even with more room on the top floor no one really wanted to leave the front stage because everyone wanted to be as close as possible to the performers.

As I saw how eagerly the man in charge persuaded the people to move up, with no luck, I figured I could comply with him since after all it was for safety purposes.

As I walked up the stairs and stationed myself next to a railing, I heard a familiar voice right next to me.

With his distinct voice and laughter, that I only recognized from the shows he is in, “Broad City” and “The Eric Andre Show,” I found myself standing next to the one and only Hannibal Buress. The best part was that he knew when I had realized who he was and still made no move to leave or walk away. With that, I knew he was probably not trying to attract attention so with respect I did not approach him or make it obvious that he was one of the artists playing that night.

When his time approached to do his set, he began to walk downstairs but right before he reached the stairs he turned around and gave me a nod.

A nod that I knew he meant as appreciation for not bombarding him with a request for selfies or autographs.

He went on to DJ and you could see he enjoyed the crowd’s energy and excitement. It was great getting to see him in action and enjoying what he does and delivering entertainment. Yeah, it’s true that him putting on a set is different than his acting or stand up comedy, but the performance and energy was there and getting to see it live was an honor.

Even though the event was a pop up, Buress also did a live podcast at Esther’s Follies for his podcast “Handsome Rambler.” The podcast follows Buress through his trips as he discusses experiences in a comedic and opinionated tone.

If you don’t know who Hannibal Buress is I suggest watching “The Eric Andre Show,” and “Broad City” or even listening to some of his stand up comedy. I’m sure he will get some laughter out of you.