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Representation promises more interesting stories in film and television

Collin Mims

April 9, 2018

John Krasinski’s recent horror film, “A Quiet Place,” has made more than $70 million in its opening weekend, and with a current 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s pretty safe to consider this film to be a success. Bey...

Hush’ flourishes by giving complexity to a hearing impaired protagonist


September 25, 2017

I’m a lover of horror films, love them with all my heart. That being said, there’s a lot of bad ones out there, and much of that has to do with the fact that writers and directors tend to base their work off of others' befo...

Buress appears at local pop-up show

March 20, 2017

With many shows happening during SXSW getting to see Hannibal Buress DJ at Bat Bar has to have been one of my favorite experiences during this week long event.Though this event was a pop up show that I found through the Twitter...

‘Logan’ serves as bittersweet swan song for Hugh Jackman


March 6, 2017

What factors make an ending great? Is it one that makes you laugh, cry or cheer in joy? Or does it make you do all of the above? Does it satisfy the viewer, or does it keep you up at night, thinking about those final scenes? W...

Androids work to satisfy people’s dark desires in HBO’s ‘Westworld’

Dustin Gebel

October 21, 2016

As a species, humans have reached the pinnacle of technology and science. We are all but creating intelligent species and playing God. HBO’s newest series, “Westworld,” explores these ideas, along with the themes of morality, ...

Cult classic on Netflix boasts all-star cast, raunchy humor

Dustin Gebel

March 21, 2016

Some movies age like a fine wine. Movies like “Star Wars,” “Back to the Future II” and anything by John Hughes are just a few that have lived the test of time, while movies like “Tron” and “Batman & Robin” ha...

Vance Joy’s inner awkward comes out during Stubbs performance

Andrea Guzman

March 20, 2016

Australian singer and songwriter Vance Joy, whose real name is James Keogh, played for two nights in a row at Stubbs BBQ. The concerts, which were a part of his “Fire and the Flood” tour on March 8 and 9, both sold out ...

Austin’s $6 drive-in offers nostalgic experience, classic Halloween movies

Eleanor Fishbourne

November 2, 2015

Going to the movies is always fun, but can become boring and repetitive. We find ourselves sitting in the same old dark room with squeaky seats, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers. Occasionally, it is nice to change things up ...

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