Barbecue is a celebration of all things Texas


Everything’s bigger in Texas. We have big trucks, trees, and our state itself is pretty big. But one thing that Texans pride themselves in is it’s big obsession for barbecue.

People come from all over to get themselves a plate of brisket. Take Franklin Barbecue, for example. Right before dawn, people from all over line up to consume the famous brisket that melts right into your mouth, delivering a taste of what meat in heaven must be like.

Even though it’s acclaimed to be one of the best, Franklin Barbecue is not the only barbecue joint in Austin with exemplary taste. There are many that are family owned and these restaurants pride themselves with the recipes they have created, all vying for supremacy in the culinary arms race.

Each has their own flair, which means you have options when figuring out which barbecue restaurant you enjoy the most. With many different restaurants serving barbecue you are bound to find a variety of sauces and tastes that the restaurant has suggested compliments their meat. To me, this craftsmanship that families have perfected over the years is a talent. It takes the process of trial and error to produce the perfect brisket, sauce and ribs.

But is barbecue really worth all the excitement?

When I was young, getting invited to a barbecue was an opportunity to gather with friends and family to celebrate special occasions. Sometimes there was nothing to celebrate but we would still make barbecue simply because we felt like it. I remember getting my hands marinated with so much sauce that throwing the bone away seemed like such a waste because it was still lathered with flavor.

However, the barbecue experience is not limited to Texas. Many other cultures have their own barbecue cuisines. For instance, the Chinese Barbecue Pork is another favorite of many. With it’s sweet and smokey flavoring, this dish is served in many restaurants and buffets around Texas- and country-wide.

Though some may argue that barbecue is a Texan staple because we were the first to invent it, it’s important to understand the error in this idea. There is no trace of where barbecue first came from but mostly because it’s different all over the world and it’s way of cooking has evolved.

Tracing it back would mean going through the different ways it has been cooked over the years and taking into account the flavors that have been created over the years.

Nevertheless with many flavors and seasonings out there Texan barbecue is one of my favorites. The artistry of its cooking flavoring is unique and versatile. And unlike many other foods in this state, its delicacy is so sought out that people from all over the world travel to Texas in search for that slice of heaven.