Get Involved: 3 student organizations for 2018-2019


Lilli Hime / Hilltop Views

The Involvement Fair occurs twice a year to kick off a new semester.

This year’s Involvement Fair offered more than 50 organizations for Hilltoppers to join. While St. Edward’s University hosts a plethora of extracurricular activities, there are just as many new organizations offering opportunities for students. Whether it’s mastering a new skill, accessing educational resources or gaining exposure to a popular industry, these three growing organizations are a must for the year.


CABRA Magazine

CABRA is a style magazine created by St. Edward’s students for St. Edward’s students. The magazine is typically released digitally, but its fifth issue released in print for campus-wide distribution.

Students work with fashion and beauty while gaining valuable experience in media and publishing.

Members usually work in small numbers, performing an extensive amount of work as the member count gradually grows. Other roles include managing director, digital editor, style, photo and beauty director and marketing director.

The magazine’s mission statement states: “Our goal is to inspire students. It is a fashion magazine that delivers creativity, fashion and influences individuality. CABRA sees the beauty in being young and not only reflects, but welcomes the constantly changing and diverse minds of its generation.”

The magazine’s sixth issue will be released in next semester.

CABRA contact: [email protected]

Maker Club

Imagine a campus where art, design and engineering meets collaboration and innovation. This is the motivation behind the Maker Club, an opportunity for creative minds interested in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Design, Mathematics) field.

Makerspaces, also referred to as hackerspaces, are free, creative spaces for gathering, creating, learning and inventing. They have 3D printers, electronics, hardware tools and more. Makerspaces support a common goal for students as they are surrounded by various small and large-scale engineering projects.

“Our goal as a club is to encourage students to build, design, create and share anything they want,” Professor Mitch Phillipson, a St. Edward’s calculus professor and adviser for Maker Club, said. “We’ll be holding workshops and meetings throughout the semester where we will either teach skills, share our recent projects or all build something together. We want students from all majors to join so we can exchange experience and ideas.”

Maker Club contact: [email protected]


Topper Studios

Topper Studios turns students’ wildest ideas into a film with the guidance of the club’s officers. The final product can range from live films, skits, podcasts to animation and poetry.

Topper Studios creates their own content along with helping novices learn about the digital media industry.

If you’re studying media, you would like resources to make videos or you are even slightly interested in learning about how to create digital content, Topper Studios may be your place to start.

Topper Studios contact: [email protected]