Senior women’s basketball player hopes to accomplish much in her final year


St. Edward's University Athletics Communications

Abby Hopper dribbles the ball to set a play.

Abby Hopper, senior forward for the St. Edward’s women’s basketball team, understands that as her last year of eligibility begins, she is expected to lead the team to greatness.

As her days in blue and gold are coming to a close, the upcoming 2018-2019 season is a special one for both her and the team, as this is the team’s last year participating in the Heartland Conference before becoming a part of the Lone Star Conference.

With this being the end of an era for Hopper, she hopes to not only win a regular season title but a tournament title with hopes to go beyond on the national level.  “We have a really, really, good team,” she said. “It’s only a matter of applying it and coming together as a team to compete on the national level.”

As preseason begins there are a few things Hopper has worked on and off the court. Acknowledging the fact that her shot struggled last year, Hopper is anything but discouraged. She is determined to have a breakout season filled with high energy and an efficient shot.

As a senior captain, Hopper has come to fully understand much of Coach JJ’s advice in regards to basketball and leadership. Hopper has learned that she should positively impact others as often as possible because doing so is something special.  “Seeing how you can positively change someone’s life motivates me, even more, to be better.”

With the team on their way to having a highly anticipated season, there are some key characteristics which Hopper believes to be essential in their quest for redemption, including treating her teammates like family. “Coming together as a team as it has always been a big focus for us, we always put in a big effort into relationships and being genuine with one another.”

While preseason has brought much optimism to the team dynamic, it also gave Hopper the opportunity to reflect on her career with the program and the university. As a senior looking back she is grateful for the many lessons learned and friendships formed through her college experience. When asked to describe her time at St. Edwards, Hopper reminisces about her gradual transition of who she is today.

She credits her growth to Rhiel’s by saying “ J.J. is constantly harping to us leave it better than you found it, during freshman year it was the little things and now as I’ve gotten older I ask what can I do on the community level, in the classroom, for my team, for anyone I come in contact with whereas before I didn’t have that understanding.”

As Hopper embarks on her senior season she expresses her excitement by saying. “I can’t believe it’s my last year, it’s gone by so fast. I am ready to come out and leave it all on the court with no regrets. ”