HomeAway opener at ACL wakes up crowd


Courtesy of Grant Hodgeon

Lead Singer Robby Hunter said he planned on catching Jungle’s set and Paul McCartney’s set later that evening.

Magic City Hippies opened the HomeAway  stage at Austin City Limits yesterday with a bright, tight set.  The indie funk band from Miami played fan favorites such as “Limestone” as well as some new jams.

Bright, crunchy guitar tones from a Fender Telecaster paired with smooth synth sounds and somewhat quirky licks and a tasteful amount of auto-tune made for a pleasantly entertaining 45 minutes.

Bass player John Coughlin strummed the famous Fender Precision.  Coughlin switched between two Fender P’s that seemed to have different string coatings. Unfortunately the result was inconsistent and muddy bass tones.  Regardless, the band had seamless transitions, energy and an epic quality to their style that made them stand out at ACL yesterday.