Lido’s ‘I O U 1’ triumphs with familiar yet exploratory rhythms

The EP is comprised of five songs.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The EP is comprised of five songs.

Lido has created another beautiful piece of music. For any fans of his previous work, “I O U 1” is reminiscent of the sounds on “Everything.”

This most recent project has the same bright and rounded feel as “Everything.” Lido’s use of crescendos is what makes his music so special. The Norwegian producer focuses on building tension by increasing volume and layers of instruments rather than focusing on a quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note doubling of rhythm like other EDM artists.

This added complexity gives more depth and emotion to his music and it is present as ever in “I O U 1.”

The album begins its rise in the first track, “Liar,” with an intoxicating layering of synths and vocal chops. The rising action of the album is sustained throughout the twenty minute EP with a percussion-based track, “3 Million,” and synth-heavy tracks “Outstanding” and “Partake.”

Lido leaves us hanging on what seems like an infinite leading tone through the EP until the third minute of “Corner Love,” the final song of his project. The song resolves the EP in this minute with a gorgeous piano ballad.

This EP is a great continuation of Lido’s work for those who are already fans and would be a good intro for fans of electronic music who don’t know of Lido.