Tuition to rise by over 15 percent since 2016-17 year

 Since 2016-2017, tuition for traditional undergraduates has increased from $40,428 to $46,690 for incoming freshmen. This does not include other fees required by the university such as the technology fee, housing, and meal plans.

“Pavilions aren’t funded by tuition, but donated funds and student living rents,” Director of University Communications Mischelle Diaz said.

So, where does tuition go and why has it risen over $6,000 in the past three years?

According to Director of Student Financial Aid Jennifer Beck, the average increase of tuition on campus is about five percent annually. She credits new camp us services, the rising cost of living in Austin, and raises in salaries as a large portion of tuition increase.

Diaz also notes that St. Edward’s is unique in being in“the middle of the puck” when it comes to rising tuition. Between Baylor University and Southwestern University, St. Edward’s lies in the middle in tuition costs.

Beck notes that tuition rises everywhere, but Hilltoppers aren’t disadvantaged due to their need-based scholarships matching the rise in tuition. They don’t, however, have a scholarship for non-need-based students, so there’s a gap for students that qualify for financial aid, but don’t have the means to pay the larger gap of funds. Beck notes that she believes a retention-based scholarship is suggested, and highly encouraged, but not in the works.

The importance emphasized by Director of Freshman Admission, Drew Nichols is that the university wants to convey themselves not only as affordable, but working with students to be more affordable. The university also wants students to know what they’re getting into when applying to St. Edward’s. It is recommended to not only view the expense in the freshman year, but the projected cost in the senior year with the assigned financial aid advisor.

The average tuition makes up about seventy-three percent of the cost of attendance for traditional undergraduates.

In short, tuition keeps the lights on. The rise of tuition is inevitable.

St.Edward’s hopes to extend affordability for a higher education.

Incoming freshmen can earn a maximum of $88,000 in academic scholarships over four years, according to the university’s website. 65% of freshmen earned some amount of academic scholarship in 2018.

According to the university, freshmen were offered an average of $27,991 in awards and grants in for 2018-19.

Need-based financial aid is also available to all qualifying students, and is not offered at a single, static rate.