SGA debates senatorial efficiency, approves ‘Business Closet’ bill


Samantha Cienfuegos

SGA hosts formal senate meetings every Wednesday at 7 p.m in the Maloney room.

The Jan. 30 Student Government Association meeting brought up many proposed changes, some causing more controversy than others.

Bill S.B. 13: Improvement to Senatorial Efficiency, authored by Cristobal Garcia-Quiroz demanded a decrease in the number of senators from twelve to eight, in order to create more competition and bring more qualified candidates to the table. According to Garcia-Quiroz, SGA had to scramble to get enough students to apply during last year’s election, and all who applied got elected in. This didn’t allow competition to thrive, so the organization did not reach a wider audience. Also, many organizations don’t reach out to the senator assigned to them, so Garcia-Quiroz thought lowering the number would give each senator a chance to complete the duties that their job entails.

Garcia-Quiroz believe that this change will bring a new image to SGA and will make being a part of the Senate mean something more than just something to boost a resume.

There was opposition to the bill. Many members argued that this change would bring a lack of diversity and lose students’ interest. Garcia-Quiroz countered that exposing the already existing lack of diversity would act as a stepping stone in improving SGA as a whole.

Senators voted to improve the bill on a later date.

Bill S.R. 11: Business Closet, authored by Athina Castanon, would implement a business closet for St. Edward’s students. It would act as a rent-a-suit closet, including an organized check-out system.

There is currently a business closet exclusively for CAMP students that includes donations from CAMP alumni. Castanon believes reaching out to St. Edward’s alumni would be valuable in making business clothes available to all students.

Senators approved this bill and have already begun to work on bringing a business closest to campus.

In addition, Senator applications are due next week. Homecoming week starts Feb. 9, and registration for the Big Event is open.

Students interested in being a site leader for one of the eleven sites offered should email Mariana Sarmiento Riano at [email protected]. Another advancement announced at the meeting was a new Latinx minor that will be offered starting next semester. This added minor will bring diversity to, not only the student body, but also to the knowledge students possess.