SGA hosts information session for allocation of student organization funding

In the Student Life lounge on at 5 p.m. on Feb. 7, five St. Edward’s students sat in a small circle of chairs to listen to a presentation from the Student Government Association (SGA) about how to better secure funding for their club organizations. These students collectively represented two organizations: the Men’s Volleyball Club and the Criminal Justice fraternity (Lambda Alpha Epsilon).

This lack of participation was indicative of a problem that SGA has been experiencing this semester. According to Sarah Wassef, the Campus Involvement Ambassador of Student Organizations, student organizations have recently not been requesting as much money.

“This year was when the drop was really noticeable,” Wassef said.

The drop motivated Wassef to create the Money Matters event and she used it to demonstrate for the student leaders in attendance of what they could accomplish with SGA funds.

For John Eberle, a member of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, this news is vital. Because Lambda Alpha is new, they have been struggling to make their presence known on campus and to secure more funding is an important part of that process.

Our organization is present on campus and we saw this opportunity to handle financial aid and become a solid organization

— John Eberle, Lambda Alpha Epsilon


Eberle said. Eberle is joined by several of his Criminal Justice colleagues and they all pay close attention to the SGA presentation.

The presentation itself was led by Derek Hunter, the CFO of Student Government. One of the most important pieces of information provided early on in the presentation was the reminder that the Student Government is given $20,000 a year to distribute to various student organizations and that they currently have about $7000 remaining of that balance available for students. The large initial fund of money may seem daunting to organizations, according to Hunter, but the process of requesting money from the SGA is simple and straightforward.

Wassef began by recommending that students start by forming a budget at least a month in advance and form a comprehensive timeline of the event they want funding for.

After students have completed this process they then need to complete a line item budget which can be found on the SGA collegiate link page. Once this has been completed, students will then need to submit the line item budget to SGA before 12 PM on Tuesday and it will be put forward before the senate meeting on Wednesdays.

While students do not need to be present at these meetings it is highly recommended and according to Hunter a students presence at the senate meeting can significantly improve their chances for approval. If the SGA approves the students request, then the final step in the process is for students to spend their money. Hunter was quick to remind students that if they fail to accept their approved funds in the Student Life Office within 30 days of approval they will lose the money and the funds will not be allocated.