Vinyl collectors flock to Austin record stores to celebrate annual tradition


Christine Sanchez / Hilltop Views

Patrons of Antone’s Record Store comb through the seemingly endless stacks of music. The store is located on Guadalupe St., north of West Campus, and is open every day.

Music lovers rejoiced on Saturday April 13, also known as Record Store Day, a day dedicated to honoring the thousands of independent record stores across the globe and the culture of vinyl records.

For the occasion, record stores everywhere sell exclusive records and offer deals on their regular inventory.

In Austin, popular record stores include End of an Ear, Waterloo Records and Antone’s Record Shop.

Eve Monsees, one of the owners of Antone’s Records, said the buzz of Record Store Day brought in more patrons than usual.

“We had a line to get in this morning, which is pretty exciting to pull up and see a lot of people waiting to shop. When we first opened, we got the initial rush of people who were waiting for something very specific,” Monsees said. Antone’s opened at 10am on Record Store Day, and by the time I arrived around 1pm, the initial flood of people that Monsees mentioned had simmered down.

“There’s still people who are looking for specific things, but now we’re just seeing people who are out shopping to celebrate the idea of record store culture,” Monsees said. “Also, it’s Saturday so it’s a good day to go out looking for records anyways.”

One difference between Record Store Day and any other day is the amount of sales.

“It’s kind of like a week’s worth of business in one day,” Monsees said. “We see people who we don’t see on a regular basis in addition to our regular customers.”

Antone’s carries vinyl records, CDs, 8 tracks and more. The store is filled with music of all types, from country to punk.

Monsees said that most customers visit Antone’s to purchase classic rock albums, but recently they have been seeing more R&B sales lately.

Record day isn’t only for hardcore collectors, either.

T’neria Reansom heard about Record Store Day from her friends. They took her with them to Antone’s, where they all browsed the ‘Rock/Pop’ section in the back. Reansom inherited a small collection of records and continues to add to it.

“My grandfather gave me this huge box of records that he’s had for a while, so I have those. I also have some that I’ve bought over the years from random artists I listen to,” Reansom said.

Antone’s records is affiliated with Antone’s Nightclub, founded in 1975 by Clifford Antone and opened Antone’s Records in 1987.

“Clifford was very passionate about blues music and promoting local artists,” Monsees said.

Like Clifford Antone, the employees at Antone’s are passionate about music. Monsees plays in her own band, “Eve and the Exiles.”

“[Antone’s] is an important place to me. I’m a musician as well, I kinda grew up in the store, coming in and looking for records to learn how to play songs,” Monsees said. “Most of the people who work here are in bands, so we have to coordinate schedules when people are like, ‘I’m going on tour!’ But it’s cool. It’s part of the community. We’re such a music-oriented community here.”