RecWell facility to open Spring 2020, includes new amenities for students


Ben Cardillo

The new RecWell facility will include nap pods for students to take quick naps between classes.

St. Edward’s students can expect to start the spring 2020 semester with access to a new Recreation and Convocation Center. 

The new space has been dubbed Recreation and Wellness, or RecWell for short. It will create a space for students to improve both their mental and physical health. The facility is part of the third phase of the proposed campus master plan, which has provided over $300 million for new campus facilities and technology since 1999. 

Andy Lemons, the director for RecWell, explained that the new facility will offer a 5,000-square foot recreational fitness center, a new yoga studio overlooking Main Building and a Wellness Resource Center that “will provide opportunities for students to learn about their wellness, meet new people, stay active, [and] reduce stress.” 

The new building will emphasize RecWell’s dedication to physical health by providing more yoga and fitness classes, as well as more faculty and staff. Some of these classes will utilize the TRUE Atlas Group Training system, a state of the art workout machine designed to accommodate small-group training.

Alongside increasing the number of physical wellness programs, RecWell will allow for more mental health and educational classes.

Leah Novinger, a RecWell employee of two years, explained Lemons is trying to emphasize the importance of mental and spiritual health among students. This mission is visible in the plans for the new facility to include a Wellness Resource Center, which will feature a technology-free student lounge, a space for RecWell employees, a wellness seminar room and gender-neutral showers. 

Novinger also explained Peer Health Educators from Recreation and Wellness will offer programs about personal health in the Wellness Resource Center.

Both Novinger and Lemons said the transition from the old facility to the new one has not been easy, but the team has adapted well. 

Lemons said, “The impacts to our partners in Athletics has been almost, if not more, dramatic than the impact on our recreational users of the RCC. Our partners in Athletics have been patient, kind, and understanding while we upgrade our shared home.”

The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for Jan. 13, giving students a chance to keep their New Years’ resolutions with a brand new facility.