Love astrology but struggle with its vocab? This app might be for you

Sammy Jo Cienfuegos, View Points Editor

As astrology becomes more and more popular, it is imperative that those interested in learning more choose the right astrology app over the countless others. The Pattern is the superior app and users should feel confident that they’ll learn more about themselves while using it.

The Pattern is a free app available for download in the App Store. The app has an average 4.5 star rating on  948 user reviews. It’s currently only available to iOS users and has existed since May 2017. 

When you open the app, you type in your birth date, birth time and place of birth. After doing this, it’s apparent how easy the app is to use right when it opens. There’s no difficult terms for people new to astrology; there’s no “Capricorn moon,” “Taurus Venus,” or “fifth house.” The Pattern gives you user-friendly descriptions of your personality instead.

The app opens up on world updates and your daily pattern update. World updates show what’s going on in the overarching universe. Some of it might apply and some of it might not. However, world updates are important because it’s useful to know what’s happening around you. 

On the next tab, The Pattern gives you “your pattern” and “your timing.” “Your pattern” gives you a list of personality traits, a detailed description of each trait, and what friends you share them with. Examples include “hard worker and dependable” and “unique style.”

“Your timing” gives you a list of cycles that you are currently going through and ones coming up. It even gives you peak dates of each cycle. Examples include “growing pains” and “powerful healing.” I just finished my first cycle while using the app, and it was scarily accurate. I woke up the day after the cycle ended and felt like a completely different person.

The Pattern gives you all of the information needed to go through your cycles as seamlessly as possible. It helps you understand yourself more and prepares you for big life changes.

The app also allows you to look at your relationships with your friends. You can compare timings and personality traits and can even look at the relationships between two of your friends. This can be super useful when planning on blending friend groups or arranging a seating chart for your party this weekend. 

Compared to other astrology apps such as Co-Star, The Pattern really just leads the way. The depth it offers its users is simply superior to the generic daily messages provided by Co-Star. Reading through a list of your patterns and cycles is much more beneficial to users than a simple natal chart they can create anywhere else on the internet. The Pattern brings something new to the table- something that’s never been done before.

Another one of Co-Star’s faults is that it’s not user-friendly. With its complicated terminology, users will be turned off from astrology. The Pattern won’t scare users away like Co-Star might.

In a world of self improvement, The Pattern is a perfect app to have in your toolbox. The app provides the type of advice a worried parent or therapist might give you, and there’s times when that’s what we really need to hear. 

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