‘Lights up’ on Harry Styles: Singer breaks musical silence with new single, video

Say what you want about One Direction, but it is hard to deny that Harry Styles is a great performer. On Oct. 10, Harry Styles dropped the music video for his newest song, “Lights Up.” 

Before the video was released to the public, Styles, being the musical enigma that he is, tweeted out the single word “Do.” Soon after, posters were spotted around several cities with the words “Do You Know Who You Are?”. Sleuths of the internet were quick to notice that the posters were mounted by Styles’ record label, Columbia Records. 

The video was then released and the reaction was explosive. While it isn’t exactly a video you would show your parents, seeing as the majority of it features shirtless Styles grinding in a packed room of adoring models, it is cinematically gorgeous. 

The video has no clear plot line (though I’m sure if you were to look on Twitter you could find some in-depth theories), but just being able to see Styles ride a motorcycle wearing custom-made Gucci is truly a gift. The song is a gorgeous mix of indie pop and ‘70s type soft rock with chunky bass. It’s all layered with synth while the lyrics take on a rally-cry type feeling. 

Many people speculate that since the song was released the night before National Coming Out Day and Styles is seen dancing with both male and female models, this is his way of coming out as bisexual. Styles has neither confirmed nor denied this theory. 

Whether you believe the theory or not, Styles has said before that he doesn’t feel the need to label himself and that his music is simply meant to make everyone feel welcome. As he stated in a recent Rolling Stone article: “I want to make people feel comfortable being whatever they want to be.”  Styles’ free persona shines through in his art. Even though we don’t get to see much of his solo career, it is always gorgeous music sung by a gorgeous man, which I am sure we can all appreciate.