SEU’s very own Halloweentown brings families together for night of spooky thrills


Shea Hildebrand / Hilltop Views

Hailey Beuhler shows off her face paint that she got at the event. Halloscream offered other festive activities including magic wand building, cape making and cookie decorating to help get visitors into the holiday mood.

A hypnotist, an astrologer and some acrobats walk into Mabee Ballroom. This isn’t the set up to a bad joke, this is Halloscream!

On Oct. 25, the University Programming Board set up another Topper Nights called Halloscream to get everyone in the spooky spirit for Halloween. This event included activities like cookie decorating, face painting, wand making and more.

For three hours, Mabee was covered from top to bottom in Halloween decorations. Walking into Mabee felt like walking into one of the “Halloweentown” movies on Disney Channel. In true Halloween fashion, Halloscream was crawling with entertainment like stilt walkers, two acrobats and even a magician to help get everyone in the Halloween mood.

Attendees arrived in all types of costumes which raised the spirits of everyone there. The event looked like a real haunted house filled with vampires, angels and ghouls.

Even those who did not come in costume were able to build one during the event. Halloween activities like fairy wand building, cape decorating, and face painting helped attendees build the perfect costume just in time for Halloween.

Halloscream had something for everyone. Students and families were able to do any activity to get themselves into the Halloween spirit.

This caused a lot of excitement and was one of UPB’s most exciting event yet. The hard work and time put into making this event fun for any age was truly the best part of Halloscream.

“The music is nice, and the cookie decorating reminds me of the good old days in middle school,” says Saida Wiltz.

Halloscream was a fun UPB event that was a great way for students, families and friends to get together and celebrate the Halloween season in true scary fashion.

This event was the perfect mix of fun and de-stressing during everyone’s midterms and this was the perfect excues to sit and relax and make some candy apples with your friends and family.

“After a stressful week, it’s the perfect way to relieve that stress,” claimed Helaina Floyd while decorating a cookie and jamming to the music playing.

“The hypnotist was wild, and the photo booth was so much fun,” said Ariel Nakanant. “This whole event is just a nice way to get into the Halloween mood with my friends.”

Halloscream was a super fun, festive event planned by UPB to bring people together in the name of spooky season. Students and families were able to have a great time at this event, and brought joy to so many people ranging from little kids running around with balloon swords to the students at the photo booth or sitting around eating cookies and Pluckers. What would be a greater way to get ready for Halloween?