New comprehensive fee to be added to student bill, will replace prior fees


Katya Melchor

Lisa Kirkpatrick sent an email to the student body regarding the new fee earlier this semester. The school plans to implement the fee starting in the fall 2020 semester.

According to an email sent out to the student body by Vice President of Student Affairs Lisa Kirkpatrick on Jan. 17, a $750 comprehensive student fee will go into effect fall 2020. 

Director of Communications Mischelle Diaz explained what the fee is and what will be covered, such as printing and facilities. 

“The comprehensive fee is a consolidation of individual course and campus-required fees,” Diaz said. “This single fee replaces the prior fees for technical support, printing, labs, facilities, tutoring, student activities, and other course fees. The funds support student services, university technology, and university services.”

Diaz mentions that the distribution of the fee is reviewed annually. “As of right now, 70% of the fee goes to campus technology and printing.” Diaz said. “The remaining 30% is distributed to fund student related programing, course consumables and related equipment, labs, etc.” 

Prior to this new fee, students see on their bills certain fees such as technology, which cost $250, a course and lab fee that vary depending on the number of labs a student took and a freshman orientation fee of $250 if they’re an incoming student. 

Although the comprehensive fee will replace some current fees students are required to pay this semester, it will not cover parking fees, health insurance and other non-required service fees.

Diaz also said that although the comprehensive fee will cover the orientation fee as well, freshmen students starting in the fall 2020 semester will have to pay both the orientation fee and the comprehensive fee.

The comprehensive fee will cost $375 per semester, which will total to $750 per year.

Diaz said the university reviews the tuition process in order to remove obstacles for enrollment. After reviewing historical data of fees that have been charged and hearing feedback from students and their parents, the decision was made to introduce this comprehensive fee. 

Although the fee is in the early stages of being introduced, students are welcome to ask questions and give feedback.  

Student Financial Services said that the comprehensive fee is taken into consideration when awarding financial aid, but students are offered the same amount annually. Financial Services also mentioned that the comprehensive fee is included in the review for the cost of attendance. 

Kristin Barrientos, a senior at St. Edward’s, expressed concern about this new fee and how other students will react to it. 

“Personally, I don’t know if [the fee] is a good idea for them to install for next semester. We already pay so much for this school, and I don’t think this fee will help,” Barrientos said. “I have a feeling there’s gonna be some upset people when they see their fall bill, later on, especially the freshmen for next fall.” 

More information about current student fees can be accessed through the Tuition and Fees tab on the university website.