Tarot Card of the Month


Kelly Salinas / Hilltop Views

Tarot card usage can be traced all the way back to the 15th century.

Divinatory Meanings:

Attraction, love, beauty, trials overcome.

I couldn’t pass the opportunity to write about The Lovers as advice for the upcoming month. Valentine’s Day and love are major concerns this time each year, so I thought I’d tackle it head on. This is a month of expectation and disappointment, of excitement and fear. The Lovers is a beautiful card representing the finer things in life, and I advise you to indulge in things that make you feel divine this February. 

Diving into the card itself, we have a man and a woman (know that these figures speak to masculine and feminine energies, and do NOT pertain to gender. Feel free to interchange pronouns/identities in accordance with what is most comfortable for you) with an angel overhead. Behind the two figures are two trees, symbolizing life and knowledge, brought together by love. Under the guise of the angel and the sun, these two are divinely guided in union, and this is a time for troubles to come to completion. 

This card serves only as a prediction in particular circumstances — the further meaning is incredibly important here. Be your own lover this month. I don’t mean this in the cliche “take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” image that’s associated with self care. Find the pieces of yourself you believe only others can fill. The two figures represent the light and the dark within your relationship to love. Are you giving love? Receiving love? Are you in balance?

You are a divine being and owe yourself the opportunity of being your own partner. No one can complete you other than yourself. Relationships are a beautiful part of our existence — this card wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t important. In order to be a balanced lover you must first find balance within. Seek connections with your highest self, the best version of you, the version that is waiting to be tapped into.  

Don’t get lost in expectations this month. View every relationship with love and light and do not feel like you are lacking anything. Abundance is within your relationship to self, anything else is just adding to your overflowing bucket of fulfillment. Whether you believe in God, the universe or nothing at all, you have the power within to be your highest self.

Will you get a boo in February? That’s more in your control than you might expect.  Never underestimate the power of a nourished heart filled with love.

Everything is working out best case scenario.


Aquarius season ends Feb. 19. Before beautiful Pisces season begins, embrace your unconventionality. Who’s going to judge you for wearing cool clothes or picking up interesting hobbies? No one but yourself, so don’t hold back! Aquarius is an Air Sign, so it’s time for big ideas. Dream big and be productive. As we move into Pisces season at the end of the month, get ready to be in your feels. It’s a water sign season, and the dreamy Pisces energy is emotional and wistful. 


Aquarius Season ends Feb. 19.

Pisces Season begins Feb. 20.

Full Moon on Feb. 9.

New Moon on Feb. 23.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional astrologist or tarot card reader- these are my hobbies. Any predictions, advice, or presumptions are for entertainment only.