Glitter, glamour, grooves: ‘Say So’ music video has it all

Just five seconds in, Doja Cat’s music video for her fifth single “Say So,” hits all the marks for being fabulous and retro. The ‘70s-inspired music video premiered Feb. 27 on YouTube. It appeared on the platform’s trending page and gained 15 million views in its first week. 

The song originally went viral after TikTok user Haley Sharpe choreographed a 15 second dance for it. After hundreds of users recreated the dance on the app, it caught Doja Cat’s attention and she included the popular dance in her music video along with an appearance from Sharpe. 

From the vivid makeup to the styled hair and glimmering wardrobe, Doja Cat’s flamboyant style  radiates in the near four-minute-long video. Not only does the styling capture the true glamor of all things ‘70s, but so does the cinematography. 

The video is shot in a square frame that resembles the signature polaroid look. In addition to the vintage film camera look, just about every other scene shows brief, sudden flickering of filtered distortions that add to the overall aesthetics of each shot. 

Whether you’re looking for a feel-good song, or you’re already a fan of Doja Cat, know that the “Say So” music video is a job well done. It’s filled with beauty, fun and the iconic scene of a dance club filled with disco balls and a crowd showing off their vibrant moves.