Eclipse’s cover of ‘Driving One of Your Cars’ soars above original recording

For die-hard fans of Lisa Miskovksy’s runaway classic, “Driving One of Your Cars,” stand back as her fellow Swedish hard rock musicians, Eclipse, knock it out of the park in a melodic cover that captures the essence of its predecessor, and might even surpass it.

Eclipse has been around since 1999. Founded by singer Erik Mårtensson and guitarist Magnus Henriksson, their latest albums like “Momentum” and last year’s “Paradigm” prove that they are a melodious force to be reckoned with.

They are known to generate irresistibly catchy numbers with an ‘80s metal-esque rhythm while taking influences from a variety of genres like pop, techno and folk and maintain their hard rock identity at the same time.

It’s hard to find inspiration in hard rock music,” Mårtensson said in a 2015 interview. “If you want to bring something new into hard rock, you can’t find it in hard rock. Ideas have to come from other places. Even if it changes small, it makes a difference to us.”

Miskovsky’s 2001 hit has an upbeat flare to it. It feels more lighthearted and energetic, and the catchiness of its chorus and riffs is what makes the song stand out to music enthusiasts. 

With Eclipse’s cover single, they embrace the early 2000s pop-rock aesthetic and rhythm as heard in Miskovsky’s original, but combined with a heartfelt tone and punchy production. It’s all accompanied by Henriksson’s fluid guitar work and Mårtensson’s wonderful vocal performance.

In terms of bands making covers of well-known songs, Eclipse did justice to a hometown original.