2 new albums to release tension, have virtual dance party to


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‘Future Nostalgia’ and ‘Colores’ were released on March 27 and March 19, respectively.

Right now, everyone’s on edge about COVID-19 and its impact on the world. While it’s important to keep up with the news and continue practicing social distancing, it can be taxing on our mental health. 

It’s important to take breaks while staying informed, even if just for a moment. For me, dancing around lifts my spirits during times like these.   

Fortunately, there are a few albums that have dropped recently that can help put your mind at ease and add more fresh tracks to your Zoom or FaceTime dance party playlists. 

“Colores” by J Balvin

It’s refreshing to hear “J Balvin man” on every single track. Released on March 19, Balvin has graced us with an album that’s a mix of tropical and Latinx urban beats. 

Tracks like “Azul,” “Rosa” and “Arcoíris” stand out on the album. Each gives off a vibe reminiscent of weekend nights out clubbing or tropical vacations. 

“Azul” starts off with late night beach club vibes near the top of  “Colores.” The use of urban Latinx beats such as rhythmic drums for background tempo, combined with keyboard creates a tropical atmosphere for listeners to imagine themselves in. “Azul” is the perfect track to start the party.  

Further down the list, Balvin gives his reggaeton spin on the concept of sensuality with “Rosa.”

“Rosa” puts you into the mood in various ways. Balvin creates this feeling with the use of low tempos, synths, electric drums and sensuous lyrics. When he sings “Nadie se compara, como tú, ¿dime quién?,” (No one compares, like you, tell me who?) you feel it in your bones. 

“Arcoíris” will get you moving. Afrobeats beats are coupled with Spanish guitar makes you want to drop it down in the best way possible. 

Both Balvin and featured artist Mr. Eazi add that last bit of party vibe. Both deliver lines that’ll make you forget time itself with lyrics such as “Ya es hora y se hace tarde no mires el reloj,” (It’s time and getting late, don’t look at the clock.)

“Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa 

Do you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a retro dance hall set in the distant future? If you answered yes, then “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa is right up your alley. 

Originally set to release on April 3, Lipa decided to release it a week early to “give people some happiness during this time, where they don’t have to think about what’s going on and just shut off and dance.”

Tracks like “Don’t Start Now,” “Pretty Please” and “Break My Heart” are some standout songs off the album. They showcase Lipa’s musical influences from artists such as Madonna and Blondie, and her evolution as an artist. 

Lipa takes the retro sound route in “Future Nostalgia,” which is a turnaround from the modern pop sound you hear in debut self-titled album, “Dua Lipa.”  

“Don’t Start Now” is a futuristic funk track that will surely get you down on your homemade dance floor. 

Mixing both bass guitar and drums makes it a song to get lost in and show off those new moves to your haters. 

A little bit lower down the list of songs, Lipa gives us an opportunity to tell someone we want them, but without actually saying it. 

“Pretty Please” makes you want to show off to a crush or significant other. The mix of bass and electric synth gives a smooth beat to groove to. 

Coupled with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics, you’ve got a song that’s definitely worth using to tell someone you feel something for them. 

“Break My Heart” is very reminiscent of disco beats from the ’70s and early ’80s. It starts off with a light baseline, slowly pulling the listener into the song as it drops to a heavier sound.

As the song progresses, it surrounds the listener with bass, synth and drums to create a disco club atmosphere. Perfect for being played in the middle of a dance session to keep the energy going.