The search is over: Nicole Bus’ latest album is all you need on repeat


Gracie Watt / Hilltop Views

Bus was born in the Netherlands and competed on Dutch singing shows such as X Factor and The Voice of Holland.

In her newly released R&B soul album, “Live in NYC,” Nicole Bus tenderly carries listeners through a whirlwind of realistic narratives, encapsulating fragments of every emotion. Her passion seeps out of every crescendo, transporting listeners through a time capsule of culture. 

Bus explores the endless depth of love and affection, especially in her song “Turn Your Lights Down Low (Live),” while emphasizing the necessity of human connection. Bus candidly exposes the emotional turmoil and crippling power love can have in her unfortunate love story in “Rain (Live).” Beyond this, Bus reveals the limits of humanity’s emotional capacity. 

Delving deeper, Bus expresses the importance of human connection but reminds us of the unparalleled significance of self-validation and self-fulfillment. She motivates listeners to objectively evaluate their life and captures each listener’s individual desire for success. She encourages this self-awareness in her song “Look Up To The Sky” with her lyrics: “I know that there’s an answer / Know you lost your way / Let the song inside your heart pave the way.”

Grasping this craving, Bus fuels it with upbeat melodies and unfiltered, honest lyrics. Exposing the most vulnerable part of humanity, “Live in NYC” taps into our emotional being and infuses any voids of doubt with lyrical courage.