Stevie Nicks returns to music scene with political new single


Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi

Nicks is best known for being a part of the award-winning band Fleetwood Mac. Her last solo studio album was ’24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault.’

Stevie Nicks has a prayer for the United States in her first single in nearly a decade, “Show Them The Way.” In this political ballad, Nicks asks for peace amongst a turbulent election season. The song began as a poem she wrote in 2008 after the Democratic primaries, but she never recorded and released it until now.

“I felt that this was its time, its reason,” Nicks told Entertainment Weekly. “I understood what it meant then and what it means now.” 

American producer and songwriter Greg Kurstin produced the song and musician Dave Grohl takes credit for the drums. The song has a classic rock sound that Nicks is known for, but the beat is serious and slow like its topic. 

“Don’t forget what we’re fighting for / Don’t forget it / And I said / Please God, show them the way,” Nicks sings, encapsulating her message of hope during an uncertain political climate. 

Nicks describes the song as “nonpartisan” and it is “meant to be a moment of peace for everyone.” 

“Show Them The Way,” accompanied by a music video directed by Cameron Crowe, is a black and white montage of images of historical political figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. Photos from Black Lives Matter demonstrations seen today are also included.

It’s obvious that today’s political climate and the upcoming elections are on Nicks’ mind, and through her music she tells Americans that “peace can come if you really want it.”

“I would never have put this song out if I didn’t hope that it might put some hope out into the world,” Nicks said, and “Show Them the Way” properly does.