‘Call Her Daddy’ releases 100th episode amongst rampant speculation


Gracie Watt / Hilltop Views Mashups

Cooper (left) and Sofia Franklyn were the original hosts of ‘Call Her Daddy.’ Franklyn left this year after disagreements with Barstool Sports, the owner of the podcast.

After taking a week off to collaborate and be featured on Hannah Berner’s podcast, ”Burning in Hell,” Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper is back with the 100th episode. Leading up to this, there was much speculation as to who would be the mystery guest, since the revamp of the show has had various guests, from celebrities to lifelong friends. 

However, fans were shocked as the mystery guest was none other than Cooper’s mother, Laurie Cooper. Cooper has mentioned her mother’s influence in a few episodes; however, this episode showed a different side of the typically raunchy sex podcast by featuring a candid mother-daughter talk.

Right off the bat, Laurie discussed how even she was surprised by Cooper’s choice of guest for the 100th episode. As a licenced therapist, Laurie was able to give a scholarly perspective when they discussed the uglier side of relationships and examined their family and friends’ reactions to the podcast. 

Cooper discussed how she felt confident in starting this new endeavor because of the support she received from her immediate family. Since the start of ”Call Her Daddy” in 2018, the podcast has been the #1 most-listened to podcast on Apple podcast charts and has had several episodes hold the #1 spot. 

Although well-kown for its vulgar language and unfiltered sex talk, Laurie does not fret at the opinions of friends or family. She admitted that many of the comments are regarding her feelings towards her daughter, not the podcast, both of which she is proud of.  

“I think it’s amazing…the product you’ve created, I know where it comes from, I know the talent, I’ve watched you since you were eight years old…you were thinking about doing these things and dad and I are immensely proud of you,” Laurie said. 

As the episode dove deeper into Cooper’s past and the ups and downs since the split from former host, Sofia Franklyn. With the revamp of the podcast being bitter, Laurie proceeded to shed light on the difficulty that can arise from romantic and friendship breakups and the changes that follow. She acknowledged that change is indeed uncomfortable and challenging, but reaffirmed that it is necessary for personal growth and self-awareness.

“Don’t ever regret a negative experience if you grew from it, this is what I see as your message…you can’t change the way Susie made you feel but you can change the way you are going to behave and respond now, it’s the only control you have and that’s empowerment,” Laurie explained. 

Cooper concluded the episode by confessing her enjoyment of the unique topics covered in the episode along with the personal-growth she experienced since the fallout with Franklyn and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s nice to have reset moments to reevaluate everything and everyone in your life,” Cooper said.

Nevertheless, the future is bright for Cooper. With an upcoming move to Los Angeles, fans should expect more celebrity guests and even more scandalous content.

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