Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’ brings carefree vibe to closing chapter of ‘Fine Line’ era

Last week, Harry Styles released the music video for his hit song, “Golden.” 

“Golden” features Styles’ signature pastel color scheme contrasted against the Amalfi Coast, where the video is shot, with a fitting dash of bright yellow. As usual, his style is impeccable; the music video features a fair share of button-ups and tweed with a particularly striking blue blazer. The video exemplifies the carefree, androgynous outlook that Styles has displayed throughout “Fine Line.”

Throughout the video, Styles embraces a childlike energy which, even if you aren’t a fan of his music, is pretty endearing. As he runs through town he salutes passersby, breaks into dance on a bridge and mimes the notes being played on his fingers. The whole video feels like you’re watching a child frolic on vacation, and you can’t help but smile as you watch.

The video is simpler in nature than that of “Watermelon Sugar” or “Adore You.” The only character who appears is Styles: the entire focus is on him.

By creating such a simple music video, Styles opened its interpretation up to his fans. This allows anyone to connect with it.

No matter how you interpret “Golden,” there is no doubt that the carefree joy it exhibits is the perfect antidote to any bad day.