September’s top 9 song releases

As autumn settles in and we await  for our favorite artists to release new hits this month, here’s a recap of the best nine songs released in September. You’ll maybe find some of these tracks as little gems to add to your playlist.  

“Only” by LeeHi

LeeHi released her first studio album “4 ONLY” under AOMG Entertainment after leaving YG Entertainment. Her title track “Only” captures her silky, dreamy voice that strings notes like rose petals, leaving romance lingering. This soulful ballad with touches of jazz is the perfect song to enjoy the calm autumn season. 

“When This Was All New” by Russ

Rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Russ is back again with his weekly releases after he dropped “When this was all new” on Sept. 17.  Is it Pop? Indie? 80s? Well just like the artist, the song can’t be put into a box.  The track, as described by Russ on TikTok, was written about missing the time with someone before the hurt. His soothing vocals, charming rap and narrative lyrics will pull your heartstrings, making you reminisce about a past lover. 

“Altar” by Kehlani

“Understanding grief and death has been a journey,” Kehlani shares in an Instagram post as she released the single on Sept. 15. The smooth R&B track, along with her honey vocals, eases the lyrics’ way into navigating the heavy emotions that come when missing loved ones that have passed into a state of peaceful closure. “Altar” is the single that fills the room with light as we navigate life. 

“Angel Baby” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s new single takes his fans into a dream-like state as his lyrics fantasize about his angel baby–“someone who feels like a holiday,” he shared on Instagram. The pop ballad features Sivan’s melodious vocals over piano create such an intimate space: “I just wanna live in this moment forever / Cause I’m afraid that living couldn’t gеt any better / Started giving up on thе word forever / Until you gave up heaven so we could be together.”

“H.S.K.T.” by LeeHi ft. Wonstein

Can’t help but recommend another song from LeeHi’s “4 ONLY.” The album is so lovely, and this song is just too beautiful to be left out. Her soft golden notes in “H.S.K.T ” are full of soulful R&B vibes and as the song progresses, Wonstein contrasts her silky voice with low, husky rap verses that add layers and depth sinking listeners right into the music’s soundwaves.

“Come Over Tonight” by Wonho 

Singer-songwriter Wonho released his self-composed mini album “Blue Letter” on Sept. 14. The sweet gem of “Come over tonight” captures his romantic charms through his soft vocals, sweet lyrics and gentle bright instrumentals. 

“All Damn Day!” by Ant Saunders

Looking for a serotonin boost “all damn day”? Creator of hit, “Yellow Hearts”, Ant Saunders released “All damn day!” on Sept. 24. This is the track that’ll make you feel like you’re roller skating as you take on your day. 

“Your Heart” by Joyner Lucas ft. J. Cole

Joyner Lucas and J. Cole came together to release “Your Heart” on Sept. 24, just in time to make this list of top tracks this month. The hit that’s trending #1 on YouTube for music as of Sept. 30, covers the heartache that happens behind closed doors as a lover cheats (portrayed by Lucas) as J. Cole comments on the situation.. “Big Homie Talk,” as Lucas captions his Instagram post (promoting “Your Heart”), details the vulnerable verses that have fans playing this song over and over as the lyricism and flow of both artists intricately intertwine.

“Box In The Ocean” by Alessia Cara 

Pop artist Alessia Cara made her recent comeback with the album “In the meantime” on Sept. 24. “Box in the Ocean” poetically takes fans through her emotions. Even though Alessia doesn’t go too much into detail, she expresses everything: being in the middle of feeling not enough and afraid of failing while the lyrics ride a wave of bright trumpets. “Box in the Ocean” is a fun reggae-pop track to melt your worries as you listen.