On-campus parking garage security cameras reveal consecutive vehicle break-ins

Early this week, at least two people broke into unlocked cars in the St. Edward’s University parking garage. Video footage caught several individuals on Sunday, Aug. 28 and on Monday, Aug. 29 trying door handles, rummaging through unlocked cars and stealing items. Both incidents occurred early in the morning when there was minimal traffic in the garage.  

 “Please remember to take all valuables out of your vehicle and to lock your car,” UPD Officer Marcus Smith said.

The University Police Department sent out a notice of the incidents, with screenshots of the suspects and their car — a navy blue sedan. The images from Aug. 28 detailed a woman with blue and black hair; a light gray shirt with a number on the front; denim capris; gray and white shoes; a headlamp; and a red, white and black Boombah brand backpack. The images from Aug. 29 showed seemingly the same woman wearing a black-and-white patterned shirt, denim shorts and the same shoes, and a man with a shaved head, a black goatee, a black t-shirt with white writing, gray knee-length shorts and black shoes. 

The footage was extracted from new security cameras the university placed in the parking garage in spring 2022. In the past couple of years, the Office of Campus Safety, UPD and the Office of Campus Resilience have been improving and adapting security measures by installing these cameras, founding SafeWalk SEU, promoting the use of the TopperSafe app and others. 

These parking lot burglaries came almost a week after two people were caught on camera stealing catalytic converters in parking lot L of the Maryhill and Hilltopper Heights apartments. The thefts took place on Aug. 23, and security camera footage shows suspects in a silver Mercedes C300 with a paper tag. 



UPD also encourages students to report any suspicious activity regarding the burglaries at 512-448-8444.