How Playboi Carti become a music phenomenon

Playboi Carti, aka King Vamp, has revolutionized the rap game with his unique style and sound. His music has captivated fans around the world, and he has become one of the most popular rappers in the industry. His innovative approach to rap has changed the way people think about rap music, and his influence can be seen in many new artists like Ken Carson, Yeat, and Destroy Lonely who are now entering the scene. Through his unconventional flow and ethereal beats, Playboi Carti is pushing boundaries within trap music . Carti’s latest commercial album “Whole Lotta Red,” which dropped in 2020, has quickly gained popularity. It has revolutionized rap music with its punk-rap style and its distinct flow and voices. One of the most popular voices among the fans is known as the baby voice where Carti uses a very distinct high-pitched tone. Carti’s use of different vocal styles, from rapping to singing, has made him a stand-out artist in the rap scene. He has been able to combine different genres of music, creating a sound that is both unique and captivating. His style of rap/punk-rap provides an alternative to traditional hip-hop beats while still maintaining the energy and excitement that listeners expect from the genre. 

Playboi Carti’s meteoric rise to fame has been a fascinating story, made even more impressive by the challenges he faced along the way. From humble beginnings growing up in one of Atlanta’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Riverdale, Carti has become one of rap’s biggest stars. A young rising star who many call one of the pioneers of Soundcloud and Mumble rap was not always this enigmatic figure who remains anonymous and who rarely ever speaks to his fans. 

Carti’s first approach to music started back in 2011 under the pseudonym $ir Cartier. During this time, Carti initially dropped music on the app Soundcloud, where he began getting recognition, which led him to sign a deal with Awful Records. After this move, Carti started a friendship with well-known American rapper Asap Rocky. In 2017, Carti’s first project dropped — a self-titled album — one that began his successful career. In 2018, his first studio album came out, titled “Die Lit,” which at the time received mixed reviews. Now, it is considered one of the most important and influential albums for trap music. 

Since Carti became an established rapper in the industry, an evolution in his persona began. After a two-year wait and a lot of leaked songs, Carti finally dropped his long-awaited second studio album “Whole Lotta Red.” This album created a whole new fanbase in recent pop culture: fans produced one of the most infamous subreddits known, a whole new style known as “Rick Owen fashion,” and some of the most aggressive concerts in recent times.

After a two-year wait since the release of his last album, Carti is finally set to drop his new album “Music.” Fans have been eagerly anticipating this release and are wondering if it will be worth the wait. This enigmatic artist has been known for his unconventional approach to music and fans are hoping the new album will be no different. Will he actually drop it, or is he lying (again)? Will “Music” be able to change music again? Only time will tell.