Bassnectar’s newest album pumps up fans for performance at Euphoria

Electronica has found a home in pop culture in these past few years as big name DJs find themselves in the spotlight. Artists like Steve Aoki, Skrillex and Diplo have been internationally recognized while three-day festivals dedicate their event completely to EDM. Austin supports this growing music culture by being home to Euphoria Fest since 2012, and this year’s headline is gender-bending, genre-crossing genius Bassnectar.

Lorin Ashton, or Bassnectar, is one of the longest standing and most respected artists in American electronic dance music. Ashton started his career experimenting with music and playing local house parties in San Francisco in the 1990s. He began to get recognized as a musical genius once he started playing at Burning Man, often playing up to seven sets a night. His utilization of light shows and circus acts during his live performances is what makes him stand out from other electronic DJs.

His first album was released in 2001, and he has constantly been on tour since 2005. Ashton performs regularly at music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Electric Forest Festival and Lollapalooza.

Ashton dropped his newest album in late June of 2015. The album, “Into the Sun,” is a departure from his signature style of heavy bass and instead experiments with melody. Although it is a far cry from mainstream music, the album marks a monumental moment in Ashton’s music career. Ashton has the talent and vision to sustain his influential role in the future development of the electronic music scene.

Even though Ashton’s music can be considered the center of rave culture, he explains that his music should be an experience that is best felt sober. A few weeks before the album dropped, Ashton opened up in an interview about his feelings about the current drug culture surrounding dubstep music. Ashton explained that although he used to use drugs, he feels being sober is the key to experiencing electronic music fully.

“I decided I wanted to be as clear and sober as I could be and how fun that could be. I’d go 10 hours a night dancing and going to raves at the beaches and have just as much fun without getting high, more so because I could really participate in each experience, and I could remember my experiences and process on a deeper level,” Ashton said in an interview with Your EDM Magazine.

The first song on the album, “Chasing Heaven,” begins with floaty tones, eventually developing into a chorus of intergalactic sounds mixed with a strong bassline. Other similar songs like “Sideways” and “Science Fiction” sound like songs sent straight from the heavens, including alien-like floaty beeps switched up with upbeat tunes of electronic tones. The feel is very futuristic and very tripped out.

With over 10 years of musical talent in the bag, there is no denying that his performance in Austin will be nothing short of life-changing.

This year’s Euphoria Fest will be held at Carson Creek Ranch from April 7-10, with Ashton’s performance on Saturday. With an open campground, yoga classes and workshops for shamanism and performance art, this festival exceeds all of your dreamy music festival expectations. Tickets range from $64 to $300 and are not yet sold out.