Phhhoto app allows users to make GIFs, introduces new feature to social media

Another picture sharing app is upon us, however it’s everything but ordinary. Phhhoto, an app released in 2015, brings picture taking to a whole new level.

The most fascinating part of a picture is its ability to truly capture a moment — something Phhhoto does excellently.

“Instant moving pictures,” as the app trademarks, make pictures a little more exciting with the element of slight movement, also known as the GIF.

Not quite pictures, not quite videos, Phhhoto offers a fresh way to experience and contribute to social media.

Phhhoto can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, all social media outlets covered.

One of the app’s greatest strengths is its ability to capture the simplest, yet sweetest moments — an element that surely appeals to the artsy side of every one of us. With Phhhoto, users can capture raindrops rolling down the window on a stormy day or the slight movement of green grass in the wind.

Features of the app include use of both sides of the camera with a variety of filters to add to your Phhhoto.

Users can follow other users, kind of like on Instagram. A feed presents other Phhhotos taken by a user’s followers. A feed called “WOW” presents all popular Phhhotos, and a “NEWS” tab houses notifications — likes, comments, etc. The app also features a tab called “YOU,” where all the user’s Phhhotos are kept.

The design of the app itself is one factor that keeps it interesting and unique from other apps. The black-gray background with bright green font brings a different vibe from the typical white-backgrounded social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All of its features combined come together to make Phhhoto an app that is accessible to pretty much everyone: from artsy hipsters looking to capture the melancholy of everyday life using black and white filters to bored users who capture feet, the ground, food, the sky and pretty much anything that looks semi Phhhoto-worthy.

The best part of Phhhoto is that there is no one way to do it. No rules, no trying to get hundreds of likes, just a picture app with a unique twist that can be used in countless ways.