Gas leak shuts down Jo’s, food services at Ragsdale

Food services at Ragsdale will fully resume Friday morning after a gas leak shut down services Tuesday evening.

Facilities at St. Edward’s University was notified of a gas leak Tuesday afternoon near the Physical Plant Building meter, according to an alert sent out to all students.

Repairs are not expected to be complete by Thursday morning.

The gas line was shut off and there is no danger to the community because of the repairs, said Mischelle Diaz, director of communications.

“The gas line is still shut off and repairs are in the process of being made,” she said. “[There is] no specific timeline at this point.”

There is no hot water or heat in several buildings across campus, including Andre Hall, Ragsdale, Munday Library, Fleck Hall, Fondren Hall, Carriage House, Trustee Hall, Recreation and Convocation Center and Main Building.

Food services in Ragsdale have been suspended due to the leak, which also impacts hot water and heat. Jo’s Meadows Coffeehouse reopened late Thursday afternoon and Bon Appetit’s South Congress Market dining hall will be open Friday morning.

Jo’s Doyle Cafe remains open. Food services will be available as normal in Hunt Hall Cafe and The Huddle Wednesday, said Michael Smith, general manager for Bon Appetit.

“I’m waiting for the phone call soon,” Smith said. “Hopefully we’ll open soon.”

Peterson says Texas Gas Service is making the decisions related to the “minor” gas leak, however, Peterson did not say when the repairs will be made.

“Once the fitting is replaced, the line will be pressure tested to confirm there are no leaks and then the gas will be turned on,” Peterson said.