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Gas leak shuts down Jo’s, food services at Ragsdale

Jacob Rogers

February 17, 2016

Food services at Ragsdale will fully resume Friday morning after a gas leak shut down services Tuesday evening.Facilities at St. Edward's University was notified of a gas leak Tuesday afternoon near the Physical Plant Buildin...

Lengthy wait to get food; Hunt, Ragsdale may see renovations


November 10, 2014

It has been noticed by many of the St. Edward’s University population that getting food at Hunt Hall and Ragsdale Center is a process and only getting longer.With the freshmen enrollment at St. Edward’s increasing each ye...

Water leak results in construction zone

Staff Writer

April 14, 2014

If you frequent Jo’s coffee shop on campus, you may have noticed a large pile of dirt surrounded by St. Edward’s Police Department barriers beside the shop’s side entrance.The barriers prevent entry to Jo’s from the side of t...

Focus on local food limits meal options

Staff Writer

November 13, 2013

St. Edward's students have a lot to say about food on campus. Many students, including me, complain that they are tired of the same options week in and week out.This semester alone, I lost count of how many salads I have eaten just...

Event educates students on drunk driving, alcohol poisoning


March 26, 2013

To warn against the effects of drinking and driving, a drunk driving simulator was recently brought to St. Edward's University at an event put on by the St. Edward's Health and Counseling Center. Speakers at the event also gave ...

Pope’s resignation sparks discussion, Campus Ministry events


February 27, 2013

Two weeks after Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was accepted on Feb. 24, rumor and fact is still hard to separate as much speculation had been stated and circulated these past few weeks. “The pope was speaking to a meetin...

Composting initiative is a step in the right direction

January 30, 2013

The university is gradually becoming a more environmentally sustainable campus, with composting being the most recent addition to the conservation initiatives. Compost bins are now available for diners to dispose of food scraps in the H...

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