TACOS: El Tacorrido


A taco from El Tacorrido. 

El Tacorrido, perhaps better known as “That Place with the Pig Sign,” is a compact little drive thru at the intersection of Oltorf and South 1st Streets. It actually has two drive thru windows, one on either side of the building, which means no muddling through a line of cars. Never having to worry about parking is enough of a reason to propel El Tacorrido to the top of the ranks, but there are plenty of others.

El Tacorrido’s al pastor is particularly magnificent. They deliver the perfect pineapple-marinated-pork-to-onion ratio in double-layered corn tortillas that won’t disintegrate on you mid-bite (you could get it on flour, too, I guess, but that’s stupid.)

Another must-eat: any breakfast taco with cactus, which constitutes just the right amount of veg to balance out the exquisite cholesterol-fest of the other ingredients.

And the sauces–literally every single one is delicious and an impeccable complement to any taco. So when they ask you which sauce you’d like, just say, “Please give me 20 of each of your sauces.”

Most importantly, most of the tacos are $2. El Tacorrido doesn’t mess around.