Grammy-winning ‘Morning Phase’ far from Beck’s best


Beck shocked everyone when his latest album “Morning Phase” beat front-runner Beyoncé for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards. 

This decision was met with some controversy, mostly from Kanye West and Twitter, and brought attention to an album (and artist) that some people didn’t realize existed until now.

For those who were familiar with Beck’s work before the Grammy’s, “Morning Phase” may have been surprising because it is so safe. During the peak of his popularity, Beck was known for taking risks. 

His irony, blending of genres and new takes on old ideas pushed boundaries and made his work unique. Unfortunately, “Morning Phase” doesn’t push any boundaries. 

It’s not a bad album, but it’s a disappointing one.

In an interview Beck called “Morning Phase” a “companion piece of sorts” to his much-loved 2002 album “Sea Change.” 

This comparison led his fans to hope his new album would be a return to what made him great.

Although the albums have similar ideas, it’s hard to compare “Morning Phase” to anything Beck has done in the past. 

The albums have a similar sound, but “Morning Phase” is not as complex or interesting as “Sea Change.”

“Morning Phase” is mellow in a way that’s surprising coming from an artist like Beck.

It’s a beautiful album and incredibly easy to listen to, but ultimately it’s boring. 

Many of the songs sound familiar, and they flow together so well that they are actually hard to distinguish. It’s easy to listen to, but it is also monotonous.

Nothing about the album is bad; the problem is that nothing stands out.

Even though this is not Beck’s best album, it’s still an excellent display of his talent. 

Even though the songs are simple, it’s easy to see the musicianship behind them. The vocals are impressive and fit the songs well. Beck also wrote, produced and recorded the entire album on his own, which is almost unheard of, especially from a major artist.

It’s not surprising that “Morning Phase” flew under the radar when it was initially released. Despite Beck’s popularity and the album’s positive reviews from critics, it failed to get fans and audiences interested.

Again, this is not because it is a bad album. The vocals and musicianship are impressive, and the songs flow together easily – which may have been the problem.

The long wait time and comparison to his most popular album gave fans high expectations for this album, so many think Beck didn’t deliver.