After 8 years in Austin, Fun Fun Fun Fest just keeps getting better

This weekend marked Fun Fun Fun Fest’s eighth year in Austin, and I have to say, it’s only getting better. Each stage focuses on a different type of genre; for example, the black stage had metal acts such as Deafheaven, while the orange stage featured indie musicians like First Aid Kit and Neutral Milk Hotel.

They also have wrestling, comedy, art and Volcom demos from their professional skate and bmx teams. Watching athletes shred the Volcom ramp was one of my favorite things to do while waiting for the next band to go on stage.

Even with all of these great additions, I was ultimately drawn to the festival by one band: Modest Mouse.

After successfully forcing my way to the very front, an extremely difficult task that is bound to piss off everyone, I was finally in a great spot to see the band I’ve longed to mark off of my “Bands to See Before I Die” list.

They opened with “The World at Large,” a classic that I’ve replayed hundreds of times off of my playlist. The rest of their set was incredible, and though in my opinion they could’ve played a better song selection, I was still absolutely ecstatic to have finally seen them.

All in all, this year’s festival had some great emerging talents, as well as veteran musicians in attendance. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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