Rapper impresses audience with his fast raps and rhymes

Being a long term fan of George Watsky, I had high hopes for his third performance in Austin Wednesday night. The energetic rapper closed the distance between the audience and the stage, making the show into a truly interactive affair. By performing songs not only from his most recent album but pulling in poems from before he even ‘made it,’ Watsky paid tribute to fans new and old.

The energy present through Watsky’s set was built up by the opening act, Kyle. Kyle and his DJ, Brick, choreographed dance routines for nearly every song. Their playful attitude made the show seem like it was a jam session between two best friends–a completely casual, but fun experience.

Kyle and Watsky share a deep appreciation for their fans. Watsky began as an internet sensation in his early twenties, blowing everyone away with his fast raps and impressive rhymes. Kyle began his career in high school releasing an album before he was even 19 years old. Kyle is now only 21, one of the youngest people on tour and seven years younger than Watsky.

Despite the age gap, the two worked very well together. they even met after to take silly pictures with every fan.

After Kyle literally crowd surfed by standing on a boogie board as the crowd held him, Watsky had pretty hefty shoes to fill. He did not disappoint.

Watsky started his set by complaining that the gap between the stage and the audience was too far. So he stood on the railing relying on the front row and his security to keep him from falling. The two inch bar, right in front of my face, was the setting for the majority of the show. The rest of the time he was either hopping around stage or continuing to rap as the crowd held him. This closeness brought the audience closer allowing everyone to enjoy the music with him instead of just watching him.

The show was entirely fan based, valuing our enjoyment and connection with the artist over everything else.

The speed-rapper was even faster in real life, making it hard to keep up most of the time. However, this did not take anything away from the experience. Rather, it added a sense of amazement as he spoke faster and faster, articulating so many thoughts into so little time.

The theme of the show, Watsky’s latest album “All You Can Do,” encouraged listeners to “accept reality for what it is and work as hard as you possibly can for what you want.” Watsky’s dreams of living off his poetry have come true and he continues to inspire fans to pursue their own dreams.

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