Modest Mouse at Fun Fun Fun Fest


The second evening of FunFunFun Fest will commence with Modest Mouse on the Orange Stage on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 8:30 p.m. The band, which has burrowed its way into its own unique niche in the indie-music scene, having achieved huge success while still maintaining their originally small and devoted fan base, will attract a large and energetic crowd to the festival.

Their sound which is uniquely alternative, with elements of folk and powerful vocals, has especially set them apart from other indie bands of the 2000’s and has helped them establish their reputation as a strong force in the genre without being perceived as sell outs.

Anyone who has heard Modest Mouse should expect their performance to exude the same energy their records do, and while there hasn’t been any word of a new album, fans should be on the look-out for new material, as this will be their second show in Texas this month, and tours usually–hopefully– mean new music to reveal.

At any rate, expect a twinge of nostalgia, a great set, and some wild jams; all three very crucial components of a great show, which Modest Mouse will likely deliver. If you haven’t already, you should “Float On” over to FFF’s website and purchase a day pass now.

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