Alt-J makes colorful appearance at the orange stage

At Fun Fun Fun Fest, the English indie-rock band alt-J began their set at the orange stage Friday night with flashing red lights, as if to get the attention of the surrounding area. The audience looked around for the band as the lights pulsed, but when they finally came out, the crowd burst into cheers.

Hailing from Leeds, England, the band formed in 2007 with Joe Newman playing guitar and providing the lead vocals, Gwil Sainsbury on bass and guitar, Gus Unger-Hamilton on keyboards and also providing vocals, and Thom Green on drums.

The band’s first song, “Hunger of the Pine,” featured a sample of Miley Cyrus’s voice and a melting of the harmonies of Newman and Unger-Hamilton’s melodic vocals.

The audience was entranced by alt-J’s show as they played their set, and the band’s stillness contrasted with the backdrop of their rainbow light show, which changed colors after each song. 

The crowd facing the left of the stage were treated with Twinkies and water bottles provided by a good samaritan that stood over the fence that enclosed the festival, watching the performance.

Although alt-J’s performance was entertaining, the audience often switched between clapping and bobbing along to the music and standing listlessly as the band played slower songs that didn’t match the energy of rest of their set.

The set ended with a crowd favorite, “Breezeblocks,” and alt-J’s enthusiastic performance of one of their most popular songs ensured a positive conclusion to their set.

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