Taylor Swift shakes off signature sound, dives into pop genre

Staff Writer

During the last week of October, 1.3 million copies of Taylor Swift’s most recent album were sold. 

The last time an artist had that big of a sales week was in 2002, when Eminem released his album “The Eminem Show.”

Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” was released in stores Oct. 27. “1989” is also Swift’s first official pop album. 

Obviously, Swift has drastically changed her style since she first started her musical career, but it still amazes me that her album “Red” was considered country.

Maybe this is why so many people started to randomly dislike her. 

Since her past two albums, Swift has lost fans but gained new ones as she changed her style, straightened her hair, and sang more and more about breakups.  

Yet her new album has people dancing all across the country. Even “Saturday Night Live” included a skit about being embarrassed to like her music. 

Still, people admit that her new album is the best yet.

Swift has also recently been seen with Lorde. Online photos and articles have stated that they are best friends. Some of Swift’s new songs sound like Lorde’s deep, alternative sound. Since they are friends, Lorde might have had some influence on Swift’s new sound, but she is still able to make her songs sound original. 

Plus, a lot of Swift’s songs sound extremely different from each other. A more Lorde-inspired song is “Out of the Woods” which has a more alternative feel. While “How You Get the Girl” is an obvious pop song that you can imagine playing on top forty radio.

Swift is usually pretty blunt in her lyrics, and that doesn’t change in “1989.” In her song “Blank Space” she sings, “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane.” 

In her popular song “Shake it Off” Swift addresses what the media thinks of her when she sings “I go on too many dates, but I can’t make them stay at least that’s what people say.”

Even though she is still blunt, “1989” is much less whiney and “I hate you” than her previous albums. 

Her songs tell stories and make the listener feel somewhat connected to Swift. For instance, in “Welcome to New York” Swift talks about being in New York. 

Of course, she still makes allusions to love, but they’re sophisticated and nice to listen to.

Overall, Swift’s new album is refreshing and interesting. “1989” definitely proves that Swift can successfully make pop music. 

The album is great, but it still doesn’t seem as good as her first two albums, “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless.” However, “1989” is still an awesome album that will make you want to dance all night and sing until your throat hurts. 

Even if you aren’t a huge Taylor Swift fan, I encourage you to listen to her new album. Her new style will definitely surprise you.

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