Thundercat brings the funk at the blue stage

Thundercat, the first of two cat-themed artists to take the blue stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest on Sunday afternoon, lived up to his name as his bass thundered throughout his set and captivated the audience.

Thundercat, born Stephen Bruner, is a multi-genre electric bass player from Los Angeles. He played a six-string semi-hollow bass at the festival with a live band, including his brother Jameel Bruner on the lead synth on a Rhodes piano.

Surprisingly, the soulful voice that came out of Thundercat had a higher pitch and expertly executed falsetto notes. It was a classic case of a small voice coupled with a big guy, and it worked.

Synth effects and jazz rhythmic drumming added to the cool funk sound Thundercat produced during his set. He jammed hard on the bass, expertly thrumming through the complicated notes.

The song, “Evangelion,” brought the focus to Thundercat’s silky voice as he sang, “It’s superficial the way that you listen; open your ears and your mind; just take the time to look a bit deeper; you’d be surprised what you find inside.” The song contrasted most of the rest of his set, which was loud and beat-based, and calmed the audience with its intricate and profound lyrics.

By the end of the set, it was clear that the crowd loved Thundercat as they cheered for him as he profusely thanked the crowed and then finished off the performance by introducing his guest band members.

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